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Letters to Home


from Atlanta, Georgia:
"When I saw him for the first time at the airport, it brought tears to my eyes because he was so beautiful.

All is well Brian and Laura.  I love him so much!  He is sooo Precious!  I will send pics very soon!  He did his duties this morning outside!  We were so proud for him.  I think he is perfect!  He is at work with me today.  I could'nt leave him. Yes, a bit spoiled!  Talk to you soon.  And Thank You once again!

When I was 10 yrs. old I went home from school to a friend's house and they had an Afghan and ever since I laid my eyes on that dog I have dreamed about, and wished for one for myself like a litle girl would wish for a horse or pony. Now, my dream has come true.  And Falco Sim could be no more perfect.

I call him "Sweet boy" alot because he is that.  He is house breaking very well and only waking once through the nite.  I try to keep him as active as possible during the day so he will sleep through the night. 
 Last night was our best night.  He is so loveable and I think he is very happy and content. "

from Aspen, Colorado:
1-14-09 "Loui is a blast! (meanwhile my husband is thinking of changing his name) He is fun & very relaxed. Everyone loves him. He doesn’t hesitate to roll over to get his belly scratched by total strangers. He is getting more & more comfortable with both of our dogs.

Today was his 1st day at work & he naturally knows that he is supposed to sleep in his bed while I sit at my desk. When I get up he follows & he is super cute. I have a feeling that he really likes me :-)  He is eating well & we haven’t had any accidents either at work or at home."

1-17-09 "The little guy is doing GREAT. He started playing with Aspen (husky) today & he was attacking him, jumping on him, chewing on his ears, paws, tail .... you name it he did it. And the funniest thing is that Aspen rolled on his back belly up & let him do all this. It is rather amusing to watch.
Loui (still haven't chosen the final name) loves going to work. I guess before we get to work he has a whole day of play, food & walks so when we get to the office he just sleeps all the time.   

I have been mixing real meat, vegetables, oatmeal & barley in his puppy food (the bag you gave us) and tonight he just refused to eat his puppy food. So i guess he is going to be eating real food much sooner than i planned. His stomach seems to be taking well to the new diet. He loves meat & big "sugar" marrow filled bones.

We absolutely adore him.
He sleeps in bed with us."

2-7-09 "We have named him Matisse (like the painter Henry Matisse) and he is an absolute JOY! In fact that was one of the considerations for the name (Joy), just because we enjoy him so very much. He is growing fast (27.6 lbs as of last Monday) & getting more coordinated by the day. He is super friendly & VERY INTELLIGENT.  In fact it is a little concerning how fast he learns and figures things out. We took him on one night trip with us to Denver last week & HE WAS NOTHING LESS THAN AN ANGEL! when we arrived to the hotel they had a big "Welcome Matisse" sign at the entrance ...  it was very cute. 

We also visited our horses (they are just outside Denver for the winter, since there is no snow & it is much warmer) & he wasn't sure in the beginning but before long he was playing with them, running through the obstacles in the arena, grabbing whatever he could - encouraging everyone to play. He had a great time: impeccable city dog & a great ranch herding hound.

He is an amazing boy & we could not have wished for anything better. Apart from his fabulous character he is very balanced and very rounded. Thank you for bringing up such a lovely baby. I find it hard to believe that at 13 weeks he is completely house broken (we only had 1 accident at home since we had him!!! I can't believe it) He actually sits by the front door whining when he wants to go out! He chooses to go out through the doggy door to play & keeps that part clean (i guess??) & we take him out through the front door to go potty (well we all have our preferences i suppose).    He is so great that we are thinking of getting another Afghan but the same color as your Cat (?) not sure if I remember the name correctly: it is the multicolored girl you have from Hossana. "

from Faith, North Carolina:
"Here are a few photos from last night.  He was a little scared from the travel so I slept with him on the couch last night.  He enjoyed his new toys and my daughter changed his name from Alex to Aro - she said it fit him better.

I love him sleeping with me.  He sleeps on my chest or right beside me.  My goldens sleep with me in the bed so we are all going to attempt that tonight.  Aro was none to happy this AM when I put him into the kitchen and blocked him off from the rest of the dogs.  He is in an extra large crate/kennel with the door open and he was still throwing a baby fit.  Made me feel like a bad mommy for leaving him - he actually had me crying.
I have bought him a doggy coat since he does not like the cold weather here- teens this weekend.  Not too sure if he will like the coat, but it is too cold right now for him not to wear one.
Here is Aro in his new dog sweater.  He did not like it at first, but after we went outside, he was fine. He slept in the bed with me and Layla, the Golden, last night and did really well."
from Lincoln, Nebraska:
"We decided to name Black Masked Red #1 Noah. Just wanted to let you know that Noah is doing just great and he and Sampson have fun chasing each other outside and in the house. We are trying to house train him by kennel training and putting him in there at night and when we leave. He does good in the kennel and whines when he has to go outside. He does whine a little at night but falls to sleep after a few minutes. We took him to the Vet yesterday and he got his 9 week vaccinations. Everybody there thought he was adorable. Some of the other customers didn't know what breed he was...
...We are doing just great. Noah is getting close to being house trained (after only a week). He goes to the door when he needs to go out."
from Merrick, New York
"I can look at all the pictures in the world and they still aren't as cute as this beautiful little girl in person."


from Portland, Maine:
"We arrived at the airport over an hour before Gordy was due to arrive. The wonderful folks from Delta brought him out and our hearts were in our throats. He is adorable!! Lauren, our youngest daughter had been rubbing her hands together for days awaiting his arrival. Ashlee, our soon to be 17 year old, was on the fence – she had a special bond with our previous Afghan Shelby. When she saw him, she cried. She knew he would remind her of Shelby, but we reminded her they were all good memories. We brought him outside of the airport, put him on a leash and got him out of the crate. He was shivering and whining. Walking wasn’t an option, so Lauren carried him to the car. Along the way, the flight crew caught up with us to see the famous pup. During the car ride home he stretched out between the girls and ended up being coddled by Ashlee within 20 minutes. He slept in Lauren’s room last night, according to all accounts, on her head. She’s in 7th heaven!! We spent the day with him today. Lauren went to school and he spent the day looking for Don (his new Dad), me (Michele, his new Mom), Lauren, (his new Mom, apparently I’m a grandparent and not ready for that!!!) Ashlee (his new aunt) and Gabby the Newfoundland (he’s not sure what she is, Mom, sister, bear???) He’s pooed and peed outside, played in the snow, chewed on his bone, played with his toys and romped on the sofa – oh that was interesting. Gabby is not allowed on the sofa – first and foremost – she’s just too big. Well, we are aware that Afghans like sofas, beds, pillows, etc. Gordy jumped on the sofa and Gabby stood there as if, “HEY!! He’s on the SOFA!!! Dogs aren’t allowed on the SOFA!!!” He found a comfy pillow and snuggled up, Gabby shrugged her shoulders and that was that. I guess she figures, he must not be a dog/bear. Ps. He’s allowed on the sofa. He’s being wonderful about going outside; he whines when he’ s hungry, thirsty, and has to go outside. He also whines when he misses someone and we’re quite sure Brian, Laura and his Afghan family are being missed. He’s seen himself in mirrors and sliding glass doors and stares for a long time – I think this is when he misses his Afghan family. When he first brought his chew bone out he cried while he chewed on it. I think that’s when he missed his people family. He’s a wonderful addition to our family.

So right now. I’m typing on the computer, Don’s doing color commentary, Lauren is sitting on Gordy’s giant bed, Gordy’s on his bed – What IS that bone he was shipped with? – he LOVES it!!! We need to get him more when he’s done with that one. Don has a Harley Davidson and Gordy has a toy bone that says, “Bad to the bone” and makes a motorcycle noise and he loves it (Don’s not a tattooed wacko – just a 50 something)

We’ve got pictures, we’ll send them soon (have to find the cable to attached the camera – will do after sleep!!)

Thank you again for being such terrific foster parents, we can tell by his demeanor what great folks you are. Keep in mind – if you’re ever in Maine, you have a place to stay – Dogs Welcome

Love Michele & Don & Lauren & Ashlee & Gabby & Gordy & Bobby (our Maine Coon Cat) & Rose (our Chicken) and Jake & Elwood (our 2 goats – Gordy has heard them, but hasn’t seen them yet – oh BOY!!!)"

1-30-09: "Gordy is doing fantastic and getting along very fabulously with Gabby – they love to play out in the snow and in typical Afghan behavior he loves to show off his speed and agility with the much less sleek and mobile Newfie – Gabby loves it though – she has really taken him on as ‘her puppy’. He did his first bad thing this evening by grabbing onto a leafy stem of a Wandering Jew plant and pulling the whole thing down, smashing the pot  and everything that was on the table with it – typical Afghan puppy stuff – it has been awhile since we have had an Afghan puppy and we have yet to Afghan puppy proof all things that appeal to Gordy. Since he has been with us we have wondered why it took us so long to have another Afghan after losing Shelby in ’04 -  he is a true pleasure and has settled in very nicely; evidenced the other morning when he just started tearing around the house, leaping from the bed in the bedroom to the couch in the family room up the stairs and back and forth for about 5 minutes – Afghan sign of ‘ok this is my home now’ "

from Perryville, Maryland:
"After we got home from the airport we walked Sweetie for awhile but she didn't go potty ... then she went (just pee) in the kitchen which was OK as it is tile ... we decided she might not like the frozen grass outside so put down some puppy pads and newspaper in the same spot in kitchen and out in the garage..
whenever she would sniff around we would take her out in garage and she started going on the paper/puppy pads right away and has gone there every time since.  She does not seem to like the puppy grass.
Last night she started playing with all her toys .. she was so funny ... she really likes this one that looks like a dead squirrel and the head squeaks...she slept well in her crate last night ... we all slept in the family room so she wouldn't be lonely ... I had her crate over next to the sofa ... she made a couple little whimpering sounds.. I put my hand on her and she fell asleep and didn't wake up till around 8 am ... Hubby took her for a walk.. she didn't go but as soon as they came back in through the garage she went on paper ...hahaha
She is  the sweetest dog I've ever met ...she was just love at first sight ...
This afternoon we took her to PetSmart ... when we first started driving there she seemed a little scared .. I told my husband she probably thought we were taking her back to the airport....but she did great ..  He had to carry her into Petsmart but after we were in there awhile she walked on her leash like an old  pro .. the people working there came up to her and she seemed to enjoy all the attention...
She's been eating and drinking and really loves the Milk Bones ...she seems to feel comfortable with us and is adjusting very well... right now she is laying in her dog bed in front of the fireplace playing with a toy....
We just need to decide on a name .... talk to you soon"


from Goose Creek, South Carolina:
Sorry it has taken us so long to write and tell you how we are doing. Long story short...we are in paradise with our new baby boy (cream green) who is now named Yetti. We call him that because he had never seen grass before he came to us so he is our precious abominable snowman..HeHe...he is loving our children and we have plenty of pics to show you...i will attach them to this letter...he sleeps with us, we take him to the dog park where he is the center of attention and meeting so many new friends...he went to his new vet on Wednesday and she said he is very healthy and oh so adorable!! We have signed him up for puppy training classes at the local Petsmart. He starts his eight week class on March 3rd. I have no idea how we lived wothout him in our lives...Thank You again for everything...I will keep in touch and give you updates...smooches and hugs to you both-Laurie, Carl, Holly(12), Reagen(9), Cappi(5) and Admiral Yetti

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